Products & Platforms

The products and platforms are a fast solution for your needs in product development and automation.


MXC-6 MN Motion Controller

The MXC-6 MN motion controller is designed to meet the various controlling needs of machinery with multiple simultaneously movable axes. The control tasks of the motion axes requiring high accuracy, speed and computing power can be made synchronized in real-time. The MXC-6 MN and its software are easy to distribute and are capable to support systems consisting of several motion axes and controllers.


Squint – The Camputer

Squint brings machine vision into the world of volume products: machines, instruments, industrial controllers... applications that cannot bear the cost and complexity of conventional machine vision. Thanks to the openness of the Linux platform and the versatile OpenCV machine vision library, application develoment is fast and easy. And even more - Squint is not just a camera but also a powerful Linux computer with industrial grade I/O. Squint is a modular product easily tailorable to suit your application or end product.

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ISaGRAF is a control software environment that enables you to create local or distributed control systems. It offers a combination of a highly portable, robust control engine (Virtual Machine) and an intuitive application development environment (Workbench). The application development Workbench provides all of the internationally standard IEC61131 control languages. The output of the development environment is selectable as either portable C source code or TIC (target independent code).


Bedrock – The Real-time Linux

We claim there’s no such thing as real-time Linux. In our understanding, real-time takes place in hardware. The Bedrock concept combines the ease of application development in the familiar Linux environment with the real-time capabilities of an independent co-processor or an extremely fast FPGA chip. The Linux processor of the Bedrock is software compatible with the BeagleBone Black development card. That means a lot of on-line application examples and community support from third-party developers. But it’s not a dev card: it is for use in the harsh real world.


C2000 – The Distributed I/O

The C2000 system is an effortless way to connect distributed automation components. The controlling software runs as a soft PLC in a PC computer or an MXC 6 MN controller and connects to the brigde modules via Ethernet. The I/O modules mounted on a DIN rail connect to each other via the side connectors, thus enabling fast and easy expansion of the system.


Distributed Vehicle Automation

The Lucid concept is a field-proven solution for software production. It is a paradigm with associated software for implementing target independent, automatically configurable automation systems. When production versatility is high and after-market support must be guaranteed for decades, Lucid is the definitive answer.

Vivid is a lightweight version of Lucid. It offers the core functionality of Lucid for manufacturers of mobile machinery, work trucks, rescue vehicles etc. - anything where the functionality must be tailored for each customer.


FPGA# – Fast Algorithm Develop

FPGA# is a novel paradigm for developing complex FPGA or ASIC based designs. It provides a smooth way to work the design from a very high abstraction level model to a cycle-accurate, synthesizable RTL model. The model can be run anytime and even the RTL model is compiled and run in seconds, or some minutes in worst case – not in several hours like conventional VHDL synthesis and simulation. FPGA# does not use hardware abstraction layers or virtual machines. It produces native VHDL that can utilize the full performance of the silicon.


EMC Consultancy

EMC issues always emerge too late in the design cycle, often being the last obstacle of reaching the market. Let our experts review your design documents even before the first prototypes are manufactured – or ask for our problem-solving services if you have an emission or immunity problem in your hands.